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The castle of La Rochefoucauld was built through 7 centuries of architecture, from year 1000 until the middle of the 18th century.

Each construction corresponds to a political act imposing the grandeur of a family and celebrating a victory. The partial collapse of the keep in the 20th century provided an opportunity to continue the architectural work in the 21st century. The current owners of the castle asked the famous architect Mr. PEI to redesign the keep using modern materials (see model). He came to La Rochefoucauld, showed great enthusiasm and the first model was presented in 1999. A second model was finally accepted by the Commission Supérieure des Monuments Historiques. This dungeon will be the symbol of a perpetuity. It will be adjacent to a virtual library designed by Mr. PEI as a counterpart to the current entrance châtelet which houses the La Rochefoucauld Liancourt library. The 18th century wing will be transformed into a school of architecture. Today, the project to build this 21st century keep, which will cost five million euros, is the subject of a sponsorship file. Translated with (free version)


The plans and models were produced by Atelier Imrey Culbert, associate architect.